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Sundari launches at 1 Park Lane

Laura Ivill

Christy Turlington.jpg

If the supermodel Christy Turlington radiates that enviable healthy Californian glow, then it may have something to do with her skincare. But, being La Turlington, she doesn't have to shop for it, she has created her own. As co-founder of the luxury Ayurvedic beauty line Sundari, her lotions and potions are fragranced only with natural essential oils, herbs and botanicals. To see for yourself, the InterContinental hotel at 1 Park Lane has just introduced Sundari and is now the brand's signature spa in London, where customised treatments begin with a 15-minute Ayurvedic consulation before your 'dosha journey' starts. Treatment rooms are luxurious and spacious - perfect for any gazelle-like supermodel.