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Onwards and upwards, James


Wed 14 September:

From left: James Collard, Sara Horrocks, Lesley Evans and Laura Lovett toast James's leaving. "Onwards and upwards," as he is fond of sayingBack at work this week it was the end of an era. Our most delightful boss and editor of The Times Luxx magazine, the redoubtable Mr James Collard, is leaving us for digital pastures new. If charm plus skill and passion equals revenue, then this project will fly.

The digital era is not new, of course, but the snowball has been gathering momentum for some time and change is in the air (another way of saying “do or die”). Which is why, since my Mac at home breathed its last recently, I have been working late in the office to refresh my website and introduce this blog.

Sitting as I do on Luxx between The Times Magazine’s fashion and features desks (and long may that last), I’m also across the gangway from Digital. Digital has been buzzing after hours – there’s cake, and they are there while the nights draw in working on another app. I guess this is the sharp end of the digital revolution in action.

I, on the other hand, said goodbye to them last Friday night after reconfiguring the structure of this site, only to wake at 3am with the odd feeling that surely I couldn’t have deleted the entire content of my archive? Nah!?

Too big a worry to stay in bed… 03.05… “Page not found… Page not found”. Straight to SquareSpace content management system FAQ: “Ooops – sorry – I seem to have accidently deleted the entire content of my website. PLEASE HELP.”

Good ol’ SquareSpace: “Don’t worry [you complete nob and, God, how many of you do this] – we keep all of your deleted files in your trash for 3 DAYS [because it takes some of you THAT LONG to realise what a twat you’ve been. Sigh].

03.10 “Restore, restore, restore, restore…”

03.35 “Zzzzzzzzz.”

There’s nothing like a deadline to inspire a journo, so I’ve taken this impending “end of an era, loosing James to digital” moment to start a brave new world of my own. On the Moorings is the result.

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